NPR, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, all those kind of frivolous things that government shouldn’t be in the business of funding with tax dollars — those should all be on the chopping block as we talk about the $14 trillion debt that we’re going to hand to our kids and our grandkids. Yes, those are the type of things that for more than one reason need to be cut.

Sarah Palin on Fox News’ Hannity (via reallyfoxnews)

So Sarah? Where shall we cut the other $13.998 trillion from? 

(via pixelcycle)

Sarah Palin complaining of frivolity?!? SHE’S a pure blob of frivolity encased in skin. It’s probably skin grown in a lab, while we’re on the subject. Fuck her, and may the government cut any funding for her frivolous self, forever after.  ~whyinthehell

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